#BeGreat Spotlight: Nufabrx

Be Industries is pleased to have Nufabrx as our reusable mask supplier. Nufabrx is committed to producing high-quality goods, 100% sourced and manufactured in the U.S. This directly aligns with our values as a service-disabled veteran-owned business; our focus and priority is serving those closest to home.

We had an opportunity to sit down and speak with Jordan Schindler, CEO/Founder of Nufabrx. He speaks to the challenges him and his team faced during the pandemic and how they responded.

How did Nufabrx adapt to the COVID-19 landscape?

“The COVID pandemic has created a trying year for so many. In early March 2020 we were approached by a local elderly care facility in urgent need of masks/PPE products and asking anyone for help. It was not something we had ever made, but we called a team meeting, and everyone unanimously agreed it was something we wanted to do. Putting aside our core business, working 24/7, investing significant capital and resources, within 10 days we had developed a solution. We had created a reusable antimicrobial copper mask, one that tested 99.9% antimicrobial and VFE/BFE comparable to leading medically produced masks.”

How has Nufabrx made a meaningful impact during the pandemic?

“At first it was just a few masks to help our community, then suddenly we were producing hundreds of thousands of masks per week. Since the start of the pandemic, we have produced over 2 Million masks, they are currently being used by essential workers across the country. In a surreal moment, the Federal Government sent 3 Blackhawk helicopters to our facility to pick up 250,000 masks for delivery to DC Gov’t officials. When people couldn’t pay, we donated them, when they couldn’t pick them up or needed them same day, we drove them. We’ve donated over $1M worth of PPE products.”

What do you like most about how Nufabrx responded to the pandemic?

“It was a great representation of what our small and very talented team can accomplish when we prioritize innovation and positive impact. This exemplifies what our company and employees are capable of, it is what we stand for, it is why Monday morning is our favorite time of the week. We’re here to leave a positive impact on the world however we can. We all hope this won’t ever happen again, but if it does, our team certainly knows what it’s capable of.”